Let me say yes before I change my mind.

Let me say yes before I change my mind.

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I live in a town full of hate and sadness yet no one will leave.

I should’ve left because I believe there is no such thing as recovery.

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Sometimes I wish I was basic. A basic bitch. No bad bitch crew, no daily coconut juice, no intense social-, educational- and love-life to sustain. Where people won’t take more than one glance at me. Where people won’t whisper into each others ears as I pass by. I’m stuck here living in this part of Toronto, in a pool of familiar faces of which I constantly see every area I go to. Everyone knows each other and somehow everyone knows the inside scoop of everyone’s life. I don’t want any Gossip Girl life.

I just want to live life simple. But I can’t,
I don’t want my life to be boring. 

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